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women in seated yoga pose - treatment services - winr women in new recovery - mesa arizona drug and alcohol treatment program for womenWomen In New Recovery (WINR) is an Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment program offering you a full continuum of care, including Extended Care Treatment, Transitional Programs, and Sober Living – all exclusively for women. Our holistic approach includes intense trauma focus, physical wellness, family healing work, and the development of important life skills needed for your long-term sobriety. Our beautiful campus provides you with a safe and nurturing environment allowing you to heal, transition, and succeed in your recovery.

Our Extended Care Treatment Program is Unique

The Extended Care Treatment Program will help you to learn new life skills, build self-esteem, and start to repair the damage caused by your addictive behaviors. You will engage in a variety of therapeutic techniques which allow you to begin the work of addressing the issues which played a role in your substance use and self-defeating behaviors. You will experience Evidenced Based Practices, Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma, CBT and Mindfulness to help you in your healing process ~ preparing you for long-term sobriety and success.

Trauma Therapy

Your past unresolved trauma is a barrier to you achieving long-term sobriety and we know how complicated it can seem to start working through your traumatic events. Some of the most important work you will do here is to learn how to:

  • Process your trauma
  • Identify your distorted thinking
  • Decrease your fear responses
  • Develop new thoughts that decrease your anxiety

This important therapy will help you to move forward emotionally.

Family Healing

We have weekly Family Healing as part of your treatment services for any of your loved ones that desire addiction education and support. The goals of this process group are to:

  • Address issues of codependency
  • Learn healthy communication
  • Establish boundaries
  • Help them to transition as you become healthier

Life Skills

We will teach you valuable skills that you can apply to your life in recovery. You will learn how to budget your money, set goals, shop, cook, and deal with daily pressures. Your self-esteem and sense of independence will grow with your newly acquired skills.

Nutritional Guidance

A Nutritionist will work with you on establishing healthy eating habits that support your recovery. You will learn what foods to avoid during recovery and how to make a meal plan that is within your monthly budget.

Recreational Therapy

Physical activity has been proven to help you to heal faster from your medical conditions, lower your stress levels, and restore your thinking processes. Your activities will include yoga; swimming, working out, dance therapy, music therapy, and even gardening. These will help you learn how to enjoy life once again and develop healthy bonds with other women.

Advanced Therapy

Vibro Lounge at WINR - Women in New Recovery - Downtown Mesa, Arizona - addiction treatment and sober living for women in recovery from drug addictionVibro-Acoustic Therapy: As an addict or an alcoholic, you tend to operate in the Fight-or-Flight response of your brain, where you have high anxiety and stress. This therapy provides you with a visual, audio, and physical technique that will teach you to breathe to coherence. Coherence helps tell the brain to release dopamine and serotonin. You will feel immediate stress relief and your sleep with begin to improve.

Alpha-Stim Treatment: A highly effective form of therapy that will help you to address anxiety, PTSD, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain. With this treatment, you will experience changes in the electrical and chemical activity of certain nerve cells and you will begin to experience feelings of calmness, relaxation, and have increased mental focus.

12 Step Recovery

You will be attending daily 12 Step meetings. Each week we also have a meeting with members of our WINR alumni. These meetings provide you with experience, strength and hope from like-minded women in recovery. You will be able to easily relate with these women as they have been in your situation themselves. The 12 Step Program will help you to build a strong foundation for your recovery.

WINR Alumni

Our alumni are a vital component of the support you will receive during your treatment with us. The WINR alumni attend and lead on-campus meetings and help new individuals with their transition. They will teach you how to form healthy bonds with others and ways to have fun in your new sober life.

Ongoing Recovery Support

Navigating through your first year of recovery is all about risk management. We want you to know that we will continue to be here to help. You will be contacted on a regular basis and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with resources that will help to support you in your recovery.

Learn more about Extended Care Treatment
Contact us at
(888) 393-0544

Learn more about Extended Care Treatment. Contact us at
(888) 393-0544

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