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Women In New Recovery is a state licensed and nationally accredited Residential Extended Care Treatment Program founded in 1993.

Women In New Recovery has been a pioneer in female-only treatment since 1993, when the first WINR residence was opened by founder Patricia Henderson.

Patricia had her own personal struggles with addiction, but now enjoys a healthy life in long-term recovery. She made several attempts to get sober in treatment programs with very limited success. She credits the 12 Step Program with providing her the fundamental tools to finally remain sober and enjoy 30+ years in long-term recovery.

group of women's hands one on top of the other - our story - women in new recovery - winr - mesa alcohol addiction rehab treatment and drug addiction rehab for women - single gender addiction treatment In 1993, there were limited resources available to women who were struggling with addiction. Patricia had a growing desire to find some way to help women who desperately wanted to get sober. She wanted to provide them a safe environment where they could meet their basic needs and start attending 12 Step meetings. Patricia felt that by doing this, these women might have a chance at finally getting and staying sober.

10 years into her own recovery, Patricia decided to open the first WINR residence. She keeps a framed Nike poster on her wall that carries a very special memory. The day before she was to sign the paperwork to purchase the property, she stopped to pray one last time about this very important step she was about to take. Upon finishing that heart-felt plea, she looked up and saw a poster in a store window that declared “Just Do It.” With that affirmation, WINR became the first non-treatment, women’s residential recovery program in Arizona.

We Help Women Integrate Back Into the Community

WINR continued to address a real need within the community by providing safer alternatives for women seeking recovery. Patricia wanted to improve upon the experiences she had in treatment by supporting a more holistic approach. Rather than simply providing tools for women to get clean and sober, WINR also provides classes on life skills, self-esteem, financial responsibility and employment. With the additional focus helping you to handle life in sobriety, WINR increases your chances of obtaining long-term recovery.

The successful WINR recovery model has also been used in Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Prescott, Arizona. In 1995, the program expanded to help recovering mothers and their children. This program has since been taken over by another treatment organization in the area. WINR is constantly evolving in order to provide the very best care for today’s woman.

Today, we provide the highest level of residential care to women in our Extended Care Treatment Program. Upon completion of the Extended Care Treatment Program, you will have the opportunity to continue to live in a safe and nurturing environment found in either our transitional living program or sober living homes.

Want to learn more about WINR?
Contact us at
(888) 393-0544

Want to learn more about WINR? Contact us at
(888) 393-0544

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