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Why Is A Female-Only Environment So Important To Women Getting Help For Addiction?

Research proves that women who are a part of a Female-Only Environment have a greater instance of long-term recovery and a decreased chance of relapse.

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  • You will start to address all aspects of your recovery through therapy, exercise, educational process groups, nutrition, and advanced holistic practices.
  • You will begin to gain self-respect, feel accepted and find hope in your new life. Our structured and supportive environment provides you the ability to prioritize social, emotional, and physical issues.
  • In comparison to men, addicted women tend to struggle with a higher degree of depression, lower self-esteem, and greater health issues more so than males. Women must be in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • It becomes apparent that you are suffering when:
    • Your relationships begin to fail
    • You start avoiding and lying to loved ones
    • You make up elaborate excuses to try and explain your abnormal behaviors
    • You have intensified mood swings
    • You become increasingly uncertain of yourself
    • You become unable to handle the growing number of problems in your life
  • Your behaviors will deteriorate until you arrive at the point of needing help. This is where WINR will support and guide you in your journey.
  • Women tend to abuse drugs and alcohol for different reasons than men. Finding a program that recognizes these differences and addresses specifically how you handle addiction can ensure the maximum effectiveness of your treatment.
  • Female-Only Treatment also eliminates distractions from the opposite sex. All too often, coed treatment allows women to seek other ways to fill the void and escape from dealing with their issues. In the simplicity and safety of an all-female setting, you will be able to fully self-disclose personal experiences with a total sense of understanding from your peers.
  • Your sense of well-being is often based on the safety and harmony of your relationships with others. Being with other women, who are going through similar situations, creates a sense of comfort and familiarity. This is a crucial component needed in your early sobriety.

For more information about WINR
Contact us at
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For more information about WINR, contact us at
(888) 393-0544

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