Thousands of women have established their long-term recovery over the last 20 years at WINR

Women In New Recovery (WINR) is an Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment program offering a full continuum of care, including Extended Care Treatment , Transitional Programs, and Sober Living all exclusively for women. Our approach includes Holistic and Trauma focused therapies, the development of Life Skills, and Family Healing. The WINR campus provides a lovely and safe environment where a woman can heal, transition, and establish her foundation for long term sobriety.

  • Our Promise to You

    We will not waste your time or your money.  Initially we will complete a phone assessment, answer all your questions, then determine if this is the best program for you.

  • Our Guarantee to You

    If one of our graduates falters in her first year of recovery we will provide and additional 30 days of residential care with special emphasis on relapse triggers.  For free. No strings attached.  Our residents’ success in long term sobriety is our success.

What Our Clients Say About Us


    “WINR has given me confidence in my ability to stay sober.  I have regained my sense of self and I am working on becoming a good sister, mother and friend again to the people I love.  I have come to know new friends, who are in recovery,  who love me unconditionally and truly care about me.”

    - Heather M.

    “WINR has helped me save my own life.  This program has re-structured not only my thinking, but my priorities, my relationships, and my employment.  I am okay in my own skin today.”

    - Kelli B.

    “I am the grandmother of Christy W and I wanted to thank you for helping her change her life.  I am in a retirement home now and Christy is helping me with anything I need.  I am so proud of her and thankful to you for helping her! .”

    - Ann